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INWARDi Technologies is committed to providing technologically sound  and enduring software solutions for our customers

Our strengths
INWARDi is a consulting firm focused on providing elegant software designs for our customers. We can assist our customers
  1. In providing technological insight while deciding "build vs. buy" options or in hardware sizing
  2. Identifying key technologies, platforms, and tools
  3. Architecting high performance, resilient and scalable designs
  4. Expertise in designing and re-architecting for deploying on the Cloud.
Key skills
  1. Protocol proficiency - ETSI-INAP CS1, CS2, CAMEL Ph 1, CAMEL PH 2, CAMEL PH 3, GPRS, DIAMETER, SIP, SOAP
  2. IN Service Creation, Protocol Stack Development, VAS Services
  3. Technologies - SOA Architectures, IMS, LTE, NMS/EMS,OSS/BSS,Cloud based Architectures.
  4. Design of high performance, scalable and fault tolerant software systems.
  5. Languages - From C to Lisp and all others in between
  6. Proficiency in Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, EBS, Cloudfront, Autoscale etc.
Our services
  • Telecom Consulting Services 
Our telecom consultancy services span from writing Technical Proposals to creating detailed architecture designs. We can help in assisting you make the right technological choices. We can assist you in identifying key strategies  before you embark on design. Full designs for migration strategies of SCP & HLR to dimensioning a Core Network.
  • Software Solutions
We help in architecting highly complex, scalable and resilient software systems. Designs that embrace advanced software paradigms from SOA to Design Patterns. Our strengths is in our ability to transcend technological jargon and drill to the core issues. We are experts in desigining greenfield applications and in re-architecting applications for deployment on public/private cloud.
  • Corporate Training
Corporate Training on almost all major software and telecom topics including Programming Languages, Telecom Protocols, Technologies, Design Patterns. Our training portfolio spans a very wide range of topics from legacy switching systems, SS7 protocols, IMS technologies & protocols to more advanced topics like LTE or CLoud Technology
  • Manpower recruitment & manpower consultancy
Nothings if more important to an organization than getting the right people with the right skills. We  can assist  in the recruitment of  subject matter experts(SMEs), Architects & highly skilled telecom workforce. We test candidates on a wide set of parameters that include depth of technical knowledge, breadth of awareness coupled with key elements of attitude and enthusiasm.

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