Manpower Recruitment & manpower Consultancy

INWARDi provides a variety of manpower services assisting organizations in recruiting top-notch professionals. We can either be a part in your  interview panel or we can independently perform the interviewing process and source potential candidates for final interview and subsequent absorption in your organization. Our depth of expertise in the telecom and software field enables us to quickly assess candidates on several key parameters including 

  • depth and breadth of technical knowledge
  • problem solving ability
  • general aptitude  
  • open attitude and willingness to learn
  • broad technical and general awareness of the domain
Our comprehensive recruitment process ensures that you get the absolute "creme de la creme" of telecom professionals who will be  a natural fit in your organization and can hit the ground running.

We can interview on several broad and key areas and ensure that you get candidates who are a good cultural fit in your organization.  Please do get in touch with us for in-depth interviews covering any combination of the following areas

  1. C, C++, Java, OOPs
  2. ETSI-INAP CS1, CS2, CAMEL Ph1, Ph2, Ph3
  3. SIP/SDP, Diameter, GPRS
  4. IP MUltimedia Service - P-CSCF, I-CSCF, S-CSCF, MGCF, Softswitch
  5. LTE
  6. Cloud Architectures
  7. SOA
  8. NMS/EMS
  9. SOAP, Web services
So whether you are looking for a Cloud Architect, IMS Guru or a SOA expert we can help find you the right talent and attitude. 

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